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Please keep posts on topic with 90210. You may post about anything unless it is off-topic, in which case your post will be deleted by one of the mods.
when posting please look a few entries back. in some cases things might already be posted. double posts will be deleted.
• You must lock all entries that are involved with either music on the show or pictures.
• Any negative comments about the actors will not be accepted. Everyone has a right to their own opinion, but we will not allow actor bashing. We do not want to cause any unnecessary drama. If you do not follow this rule, you will be warned and then banned from the community.
• When posting, you must add a subject line and the appropriate tags. If you are unsure, just ask the mods in your post and we will tag it for you.
• As of June 19, there will be no more icon posts here. As you know, entries are moderated so any icon posts will be rejected, just letting you know in advance. From now on, this community will be strictly for 90210 news and/or pictures.
• Be respectful of all posters.
• Pimp the community to all your friends!
• Go and have fun!

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